As you may know the department of Health and Human Services has announced the final rule that delays the ICD-10 compliance date from October 1, 2012 to October 1, 2014. However, PPR continues to be proactive in assisting our clients with preparation for the conversion. We have reviewed all of the ...  //  READ MORE

New Codes

Each fall when the new CPT codes are published, PPR reviews each of our client's coding patterns and meets with them individually to discuss coding and reimbursement changes. This keeps the provider billing with the most accurate coding and allows for business planning with regards to upcoming ...  //  READ MORE


PPR can help providers determine if they are eligible to participate. We help providers determine which reporting options best fit each practice and review the measures list. PPR will then append the appropriate QDC to the claim for each selected measure when designated by the provider. ...  //  READ MORE