With so much information inundating us daily, such as updated coding rules, and changing policies, it is impossible to absorb all the vital information. At PPR, we offer group seminars and individual classes specifically focused to the needs of our industry. This service is available to all providers; you do not have to be a PPR client.

We divide our seminars into hot topics of interest. Such as ACO’s, ICD-10, Affordable Care Act, Medicare payment policies, and more.

Our seminars are posted on our website. If you would like an e-mail reminder pleaseplease sign up below and we put you on our mailing list. We also encourage suggestions for topics and may cover them in future seminars.

PPR also offers classes specifically focused on your specialty. All you have to do is let us know what you your needs are and we will tailor a class for you. We realize that each specialty has different areas of emphasis. Learn how to code properly. Missing procedures or modifiers can be the difference in receiving a payment or a rejection.

You can come to our seminars or order classes tailored to your needs. Call us for a free consultation and let the learning begin.

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